In this album, expressions that are typically treated as ends, such as a pop songs or acoustic performances of chamber works, become means to a music that is trans- (across and through), poly- (many) and meta- (beyond) genre. The modern production studio is the vehicle for this work, imparting its forms and techniques upon whatever passes through it. It becomes a laboratory; an assemblage; a pot for a stylistic hodgepodge where elements appear, converse, fuse, isolate, compete to be heard, transform, and influence each other to varying degrees. The album shows the studio as a place where the real and the virtual meet, and illuminates the characteristics of each and interactions between the two.

As a group, these works come from pop, classical, electroacoustic, EDM, experimental, rock, and avant garde traditions. Harmonies move in and out of tonality; rhythms lock into a beat and diffuse into asynchronous clouds; pieces have verses and choruses as much as they have discontinuous micro-collages; acoustic instruments stand alongside buzzy synthesizers, and the two sometimes blend. The works synthesize and juxtapose diverse elements and in doing so exhibit a stylistically egalitarian musical perspective.