Mechanophore (2021) - Scott Barton - youtube


2021 for virtual and robotic strings and percussion by Scott Barton   robotic instruments by WPI’s Music Perception…

tempo mecho (2019) - Scott Barton - youtube

Tempo Mecho

2019 for the robotic instruments PAM, modular percussion and percussive aerophone (built by WPI’s MPR Lab and EMMI)…

Experiment in Augmentation 1 - youtube

Experiment in Augmentation 1

Spring 2017 human-robot improvisation with Cyther and Modular Percussion (made by the MPR Lab) In the work, a…

Opus Palladianum: voice and drums

Winter, 2013 2-channel recording; 7:00 I am fascinated by organizations that consist of contrasting elements. I am interested…

Rise of a City

2009 for guitar and robotic ensemble (PAM, MADI and CADI) produced and recorded by Scott Barton, mixed by…


Summer-Fall 2016 2 channel recording; 5:59 In “Pleasure Beats: Rhythm and the Aesthetics of Current Electronic Music”, Ben…

Breeding in Pieces

Summer – Fall 2009 2 channel recording Breeding in pieces combines compositional and production practices from rock and…

Carried by Currents

for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and electronics August 2017 In the process of creating carried by currents, I…

Through the Rain

2 channel recording Scott Barton – guitar December, 2017 Through the Rain started with a chord progression written…

List of Compositions

patterns without conventions (2023); stereo fixed media

Mechanophore (2020); for electronic and robotic string and percussion instruments. Commissioned by the Multiverse Concert Series.

Machinic Tides (2019): installation for the robotic instruments Cyther, PAM, and modular percussion

Machine Rhythm Study No. 2 (2019); for Interactive Software

Machine Rhythm Study No. 1 (2019); for Interactive Software

Tempo Mecho (2018); for the robotic instruments PAM, modular percussion and percussive aerophone

Experiment in Augmentation 2 (2018); for human performer, Cyther (human-playable robotic zither), PAM (robotic string instrument) and robotic percussion

Through the Rain (2017); two channel recording; 5:25

Carried by Currents (2017); for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and electronics; 8:00

Experiment in Augmentation 1 (2017); for human performer, Cyther (human-playable robotic zither), and robotic percussion

Effusion (2016); two channel recording; 5:59

Water, Rhythm and Light (2016); for voice, djembe, darbuka and robotic percussion; 7:00

Human-Robot Improvisation: Cyther (Summer 2015 – present); for human performer and Cyther (human-playable robotic zither)

Life’s Node (Composed with Nate Tucker, Summer – Fall 2015); for human performer and Cyther (human-playable robotic zither)

Minimlexity (Spring 2015); for piano, cello and electronics

Intersections (Fall 2014 – Spring 2015); for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, tom-tom, PAM (robotic string instrument), and robotic percussion; 9:05

Eroding Mountains (2014); two channel recording; 7:00

Figure <-> Ground (Fall 2013); two channel recording; 2:39

Conversing in Rotation (Fall 2013); for two performers and the sound sculpture Container Man; 7:00

Human-Robot Improvisation (Winter 2013 – present)

Solar House (Spring 2013); two channel recording and video; 1:34

Opus Palladianum: voice and drums (Winter 2013); two-channel recording; 7:00

Reposition (Fall 2012); for musical robots AMI, CARI and TAPI; 5:00

From Here to There (Fall 2011-Spring 2012); for musical robots PAM, AMI and CARI, 5:00

Motormouth (Summer 2011); for musical robots PAM and MADI; 3:00

Push for Position (2010-2011); for musical robots AMI, CARI, bassoon, saxophone, 2 channel recording and electronics; 7:17

Street Meetings (composed with Steven Kemper, Fall 2010); interactive installation for PAM and CADI

Rise of a City (2009-2010); for guitar, PAM, MADI and CADI percussion ensemble (darbuka, djembe, tambourine and assorted percussion instruments); 5:30

Drum Circle (composed with Steven Kemper, Winter 2010); for MADI and CADI percussion ensemble; 7:00

Breeding in Pieces (Summer – Fall 2009); 2 channel recording; 7:30

Study No. 3 (composed with Steven Kemper and Troy Rogers, 2009); for PAM and MADI; 8:00

Study No. 2 (composed with Steven Kemper and Troy Rogers, 2009); for PAM and MADI; 5:00

for steps that grow when climbed (Fall 2008 – Winter 2009, revised 2011); for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, tom-toms, marimba, piano, viola and double bass; 6:30

Study No. 1 (composed with Steven Kemper and Troy Rogers, Summer 2008); for PAM and MADI; 6:00

Unity Groove composed by the Emergence Collective (Scott Barton, Jonathan Zorn, Yuri Spitzyn, Lanier Sammons, Peter Traub, Matthew Burtner); for the Mice Laptop Orchestra

The Lines are Alive (2008); for Orchestra; 10:00

Release (March – April 2008); for PAM; 6:30

The Arc of Braided Movement (Fall 2007 – Winter 2008); for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello; 7:00

Decay to Primitive (Fall 2007); 4 channel recording; 7:00

Assemblage of Gears (Fall 2006 – Winter 2007); for flute, clarinet, piano, electric guitar and double bass; 7:30

Etchings in Ice (Fall 2005 – Spring 2006); for 3 disklaviers, string ensemble and 8 speakers / electronics (Master’s Thesis); 20:00

Antiprism (Summer-Fall 2005); for guitar and laptop; 7:30

Antiprism (Summer-Fall 2005); for percussion and laptop; 3:00

Cycle of the Nonstarter (Summer-Fall 2005); for trumpet, piano and drum set; 8:30

Birth of a Machine (Winter-Spring 2005); 4 channel recording; 11:30

Deliberation (Winter 2005); 2 channel recording; 5:30

Process in Autumn (Fall 2004); for Flute, Viola and Piano; 3:00

Clearing of Path (Winter – Spring 2004); for guitar, drumset and recording; 7:00

Race of Man and Things (Summer – Fall 2004); for Electric Organ, 2 Marimbas, Glockenspiel, acoustic bass, bass clarinet, tenor sax and percussion; 8:30

Chair (Spring 2004); for laptop and performer

Bees Turn to Flowers (Spring 2004); for laptop and performer

Helix (Fall 2003); for laptop and performer

Seven (Fall 2003); 2 channel recording

A View From the Woods (2003); for piano, celesta, marimba, acoustic bass, timpani, trumpet, organ, percussive organ, prepared piano, electric guitar and 2 channel recording

Work to Year One (2001-2002); for guitar, bass, voice and percussion

Evast (1999-2000); for 2 acoustic guitars

Durations: Coalescence (Fall 1998-Winter 1999); for voice, guitar, bass, piano, drum set and electronics

Television (the Thief) (Winter 1999); for 2 channel recording and acoustic guitar

Shuffled (Winter 1999); 2 channel recording

5 to 9 (Spring 1998); for piano, re-orchestrated for 2 electric guitars, electric bass and drum kit

Tattered and Drone (Fall 1998); for marimba, xylophone, electric guitar and 2 channel recording

Stack (Fall 1998); for 2 electric guitars, electric bass and drum kit

Chameleon (Spring 1997); for cello, 2 channel recording and mixing board

5 Short Pieces: Electric Drip, The Hunt, Shuffled, Dance with Weakened Legs, Return to Moscow (Fall 1996); 2 channel recording

Aquarium (Fall 1996); for keyboard and 2 channel recording

Early Daze (Fall 1996); 2 channel recording