Breeding in Pieces

Summer / Fall 2009



Breeding in pieces combines compositional and production practices from rock, electroacoustic and contemporary art music. In the sense of synthesis, one musical world is filtered through the other from a variety of angles and proportions (and vice versa). At the same time, the work seeks to preserve musical identity.  Recognizing that commingling sometimes has the unfortunate by-product of dulled edges, gestures are also presented as if in their natural habitats. The extent to which the music preserves these habitats speaks to the gestures themselves as well as the surrounding contexts (which are implicit in and external to the piece). The middle section of the work explores perceptual ambiguity by presenting sounds that can be organized either via conventional timbral associations or temporal simultaneity. Some of the relationships take a bit of work to find, but that is part of the fun. Almost all of the music is generated from the same progression / theme.